Waialae Country Club

The Clubhouse
Recipient of the 2012 BIA Renaissance Grand Award Commercial Remodeling Projects: More than 15,001 Sq. Ft.

Waialae Country Club's newly renovated Clubhouse has a contemporary island concept utilizing earth tone colors and natural materials.   The prevalent use of Ohia, Koa and natural stone into the interior design of the Clubhouse is our way of honoring the unique and rich culture and natural resources of the Hawaiian Islands.

Wood grilles are finished with a veneer of Ohia and columns are wrapped in black granite which align the public corridors and unify the three main function rooms. The carpet seen throughout the Clubhouse is based on an 18th Century Kapa, bark cloth, pattern from the Bishop Museum Collection. Our Hawaiian Ancestors used Kapa to make sleep coverings and clothing. This pattern could have easily been used on kapa cloth as a wrap around a skirt or shoulder garment.

The Platinum Clubs of America
2016-2018 Award

With more than 5,000 Private Clubs in America, 125 were acknowledged with Platinum status by a nationwide vote of Club Managers and Club Presidents.  The Platinum Club rankings are the most respected listings in the Private Club industry and have been endorsed by corporate leaders of Excellence in Private Clubs.

Waialae Country Club is the only club in Hawaii to receive this award.   Nominees are judged on five critical categories: Universal Recognition, Excellence in Amenities and Facilities, Caliber of Staff and Professional Service Levels, Quality of Membership, Governance and Prudent Fiscal Management, Adapting to Changing Times and Overall Experience.

This is the second time that Waialae Country Club has received this prestigious honor.

2016 Distinguished Emerald Club of the World Award

Waialae Country Club is one of 30 Clubs in North America to receive the Emerald Award which recognizes what Distinguished Clubs do differently.  The specific goal of the award program is to improve the Member Experience at every club, and thereby helping to preserve the institution of private clubs for many future generations.

Waialae Country Club has received this prestigious award in 2013 & 2015.