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Waialae Country Club seeks to employ the best qualified individuals from the available labor force and to provide them with opportunity for advancement, where possible, in a manner which does not discriminate, pursuant to applicable law because of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, marital status, regulations, and/or applicable executive order.
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I certify that the information contained in this application is true and correct and understand that falsification of this information is grounds for refusal to hire or, if hired, dismissal.I authorize any of the persons or organizations referenced in this application to give you any and all information concerning my previous employment, education, or any other information they might have, personal or otherwise, with regard to any of the subjects covered by this application and release all such parties from all liability for any damage that may result from furnishing such information to you.  I authorize you to request and receive such information.I agree that the Club may inquire into and consider any criminal conviction record that I may have after it makes a conditional employment offer if I have a criminal conviction record which bears a rational relationship to the duties and responsibilities for which I am applying. Any criminal conviction record that is more than 10 years old (excluding periods of incarceration) or that involves certain Family Court matters will not be considered.  I further understand that if a period of incarceration was less than the sentence shown on my criminal conviction record, I will have the opportunity to provide the Club with documentary evidence of my early release.I understand and agree that I may be required to submit to drug testing and a complete post-offer medical examination as a part of my application for employment.  I also understand and agree that I may be required to submit to random drug testing and/or a complete medical examination during my employment with the Club, provided that such examination is job-related and consistent with business necessity.  The cost of such examination will be paid by the Club.  I authorize the physician conducting the examination and any laboratory testing any specimen obtained by the physician or collection site to disclose the results of the examination and the laboratory test to the Club in accordance with federal and/or state laws. The Club will keep such results confidential and disclose the results only to persons who need to know or required by law.  Also, I agree to fully cooperate and provide the Club with any additional consent(s) and/or release(s) as required by the Club to investigate my employment application or for any other employment purposes.In consideration for my employment and being considered for employment by the Club, I agree to conform to the rules and regulations of the Club and acknowledge that these rules and regulations may be changed, interpreted, withdrawn, or added to by the Club at any time, at the Club’s sole option and without any prior notice to me.  I further acknowledge that my employment may be terminated and any offer of employment, if such is made, may be withdrawn, with or without prior notice, at any time, at the option of the Club or myself.I understand that no representative of the Club has any authority to enter into any agreement for employment for any specified period of time, or assure or make some other personnel move, either prior to commencement of employment or after I have become employed, or to assure any benefits or terms and conditions employment, or make any agreement contrary to the foregoing.I understand that this application will remain active for no more than 90 days from the date it was submitted.

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